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INTERCON aim to provide an excellent service to customer in which we can develop long term sustainable competitive advantages by adding value to customers and focusing on customers who value long-term relationship of mutual benefits.

INTERCON is committed to company philosophy "Standardization, Simplification, and Automation" to the mutual benefit of our customers, employees, and all relevant stakeholders. We aspire to be a partner you can trust.

INTERCON Philosophy consists of:

1. Standardization, we provide an excellent service to all activities hence we implementing ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001.

2. Simplification, we implementing 3 standards of simplification on management review, core business process, and supporting the process.

  • Management review is consists of the control of management, the behavior of improvement, and continual improvement.
  • The core business process is the operational process that refers to the delivery of value to the customer by providing services that meet customer needs.
  • Supporting process is we (INTERCON) support all processes whose sole purpose is to ensure the functioning of key processes and overall operations of the company. 

3. Automation, we care about the environment, therefore, we created automation without ignoring labor. Any individual involved in the creation & application of technology to monitor and control the services. Automation of technologies can transform process workspace and make the business smarter.