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Kalypso Compagnia Di Navigazione (KCN)


Kalypso is the shipping company created to offer its customers direct connections. Its container ships move according to the large flows of goods. Along the Italy-Asia axis it has created two distinct and specialized routes:

Marco Polo
Italy - China - Italy

Italy - Bangladesh - Italy.

In this case, the advantage is not only the immediately evident one of speed and maximum efficiency but also the security of being able to count on the certainty of boarding and arrival with real express services based on very short transit times.

For the Mediterranean Sea, on the other hand, it launched Butterfly Service, the Intramed route that connects six ports, between Turkey, Libya, and Italy, with Salgari and Marco Polo, improving and expanding their potential.

The particular flexibility, typical of a client-centric shipping company, also allows us to assess the specific needs of different ports in Europe and the Mediterranean, building tailor-made solutions complete with each service.